A very old spreadsheet bug is still there.

I found this question from 2015 that is pretty close to what I am seeing. It lists 3 bug reports that I cannot find. Bug #86321, Bug #136160, Bug#136254 and those bugs were old then.

Alex Kemp closed that question as not relevant or outdated. I am using of Libreoffice calc.
I created a spreadsheet with 5 graphs on one page. These are sigmoid curve fits for an ELISA plate.
I got my sheet done and then duplicated it 6 times, once for each of 6 ELISA plates. For each of those 6 duplicates I pasted the tabular data in for the relevant plate.

Debugging why it doesn’t work, everything is fine, except that the graphs don’t get duplicated correctly in all cases. The graphs either become references to tables, or the references stay pointed to the original sheet. However, rarely, some of them do get coped over correctly.

I have a file that shows this behavior. I have tried it saving as XLSX and ODS file types. Both show the behavior. I have also tried it on two different versions of Linux Mint. This is clearly a bug. I am not familiar with the bug reporting system used today.

It you want to report a bug - here. However, bug tdf#86321 EDITING, FORMATTING: diagram didn’t automatic update when change variable (recalculation not triggered) is still in state “NEW”, while tdf#136160 and tdf#136254 are marked as duplicate or tdf#86321.