A 'Writer' document contains lots of differently formatted 'Math' formulas. How can I harmonize the formats? Can I use one of the formulas as a kind of template?

There are no styles applicable to ‘Math’ formulas (to distinguish from the OLE frameshape). If the formatting of formulas in a ‘Writer’ document got inconsistent, it may be very time-consuming to get it harmonized again by editing every single formula and changing the format attributes as needed.
It would be nice to be able to use the format attributes of one of the formulas for all of them, in other words, to use one of the formulas as a kind of template for all of them.

Additional note:
This was a “fake” question insofar that I had in mind to answer it myself from the beginning (apologies to @mariosv).
However, I am intersested in suggestions and alternative solutions. A special aspect should be how to restrict the working to a selection the user made. That’s not difficult in most cases, and I would have implemented it if not the case of a selceted range of a “complex TextTable” (with merging and/or splitting) had been so unhandy.

You actually can use one of the formulas as a kind of template.

This attached example
(was: harmonizeFormulasUsingOneOfThemAsTemplate_1.odt) demonstrates how to do so based on user code (a “macro”).

Hi Lupp, maybe this extension Formatting of all math formulas can help with the matter.

Thanks @mariosv . It wasn’t originally my own problem. I came from How to convert Writer formulae to plain text? where the question concerning formats was conatined under “Rationale”. The extension you pointed me to was already mentioned there in an answer by @kompilainenn, but (Don’t tell anybody!) I idn’t clearly understand it, and I wanted to pursue the “template idea.”
Having done so, I wanted to offer the solution to others (but not as an extension, but as “works inprogress with flexibility”), and probably to get interestiung comments on my proposal. Therefore I posted a question stressing the “template”, and answered it myself. You may have a glance into my example and find it working.

Sorry I didn’t see your idea behind.:slight_smile: