A .xlsx file downloaded from my OneDrive corrupts when saved in LibreOffice

OS: Windows 7. Libre Office V6.1.6.3 (x64).
I downloaded a 167KB .xlsx workbook, edited in Excel OnLine, from my OneDrive and opened it OK in LibreOffice. But if I save it in LibreOffice as an 'xlsx file and then reopen it, all or parts of some sheets are blanked out by a white frame - see attached screen shot LOCalcError_ScrnShot.docx. I need to keep this in Excel format for sharing purposes. There are no complex pivot tables etc, just simple budget arithmetic with some cells linked between sheets.

Can anyone advise on how to avoid this problem.

Likely tdf#108691

Thanks, Mike. This very technical bug report is mostly over my head, but I have tried to send the big white boxes obscuring cells to the back and make them transparent, without success.

So far, the only way I can see of avoiding this problem is to Save it into LO in .ods format, or to simply download the Excel file (from OneDrive) and avoid saving it in LO.

I tried Saving in .ods format and then resaving in Excel format, but the same problem reappears when I reopen the Excel file.

Can anybody come up with a better solution? I’ve not had comparable problems with Word or Powerpoint files.

The answer at the time according to the bug report was to upgrade to any 6.2 version which was already stable then