A5 Letter not printing correctly

I’m using an HP Photosmart B110. A4 sheets print fine but with A5 letters the screen and print preview shows

but what prints out is this

Any advice?

What system and LibO version are you using?

Both the LibO writer and the printer will need to be set to A5 before you use the Printer Preview.

Have you set the document page style to A5? You can use the Styles and Formatting window for this. Make certain that the page margins are correct for the A5 paper. You will also need to tell the printer to use A5 using the printer settings FILE > PRINTER SETTINGS before you use the printer preview.

Hope this helps Peter

You will find that the online / downloadable LibO Writer manual, chapter 5 gives useful information on printing.
I had a thought. You have put A5 paper in the printer have you not? And if you are using Windows have you defined the printer setup to A5 paper size. Your example looks like A5 print area in the middle of an A4 page. If you have the same problem printing outside LibO perhaps it is a Windows problem. I can’t reproduce it with my 4.4.2 or 4.3.6 Linux systems.

I have this same problem, except that I am not using A5, I am just using the regular 8.5x11 “letter” format, which is what my printer and page style is set to. But all the text within 1 inch on the right side of the page is cut off. I thought I had a faulty printer, but your post makes me think otherwise.

You say your “sheets” print fine; do you mean calc sheets? I’m not sure about those, but my Writer docs as well as label sheets get cut off.

My workaround for my own copies is to set a 1 inch margin on the right side so that none of the text is cut off, but this does not work when printing read-only docs, pdf’s, immovable objects, or a business-quality document.

My stats:
OS: Win 8.1; LibO version:; File format: ODT (I don’t remember if .docx gets cut off as well, but I think they all do)
Printer: Epson AcuLaser CX11NF

Addendum: I just noticed that the left side of your page is pushed over toward the right on your print out. This does not happen to me – the text stays oriented on the page, but my right side is cut off, so perhaps your issue is more that which would be solved by Peter’s suggestion, and I have a different issue…?? I’m not sure.

I’ve (partly) sussed out what’s going wrong. I’m printing direct to the printer using HP ePrint. The driver setup, however, can’t handle A5 size paper. When I print over my home network via the office computer all is well. I was having this problem with MS Word too but solved it by setting up a Custom paper size with the same measurements as A5 as the ePrint driver can actually handle Custom paper sizes (!). The same technique doesn’t appear to work with Libreoffice as Custom paper sizes are designated “User” rather than “Custom” so I’m stuck until HP sort out their driver.