Ability to have smart quotes and similar auto-formatting disabled in a style

It is pretty common to use a Preformatted Text style for console commands, snippets of text from software configuration files, and other such places where the conversion of quotes to curly quotes is harmful. It would make an immense amount of sense to be able to set an option on such a style to NOT convert quotes and apostrophes to curly, so as to continue to have these autoformat features active in other styles (in other words in all of the parts of a document which are actual documentation and not snippets of computerese).

Is there any way to do this?

You can turn this stuff off by setting the language in the style to None.
Modify the Preformatted Text style and on the Font tab in the Language list select [None].
This in effect turns-off the Spellcheck and the AutoCorrect replacements because they are tied to the Language.

I do this when pasting-in blocks of code or similar text which drives the Spellcheck into crazy overdrive.
Much nicer to view the text without the squiggle underlines frenzy.

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