AbiWord Personal?

Can you please see if abiword 3.0.2 can be incorporated into libreoffice fork?

this is a fork from A fork of the Abiword 3.0 word processor for Windows - Equinox Games, it’s licensed under GPLv2 or later which means GPLv3 which can be used with certain licenses. I want to know if it could be contributed because I used Abiword before Openoffice

I need to provide enough details and be clear and concise but I do not know how?


I used abiword for a long time and this is 3.0.2 ported to windows 10

  1. This site is for questions and answers about LibreOffice usage. Any reports or requests must be submitted to Bugzilla. Thus, your post is off-topic.
  2. LibreOffice has its own word-processing module, namely, Writer. You will need a concrete substantiation for such a request.

A side comment: I tested that AbiWord Personal. It always crashed on any attempt to open any ODT file.

What is your ultimate goal? To be able to read and edit your old abiWord files? From Wikipedia, abiWord is still an active application with releases for Windows and Linux (MacOS is frozen sine 2005). You can then download and install a recent copy. From there on you can try to export your files in various formats.

If your question is about the ability of LO to read abiWord files in order to switch, have a try. If it fails, you can ask abiWord to export the file as suggested above.

There is an import filter for AbiWord documents. Welcome to LibreOffice. Cheers, Al

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  1. This got nothing to do with LibreOffice, of course there won’t be another application incorporated into LibreOffice.
  2. The allenwrench repository pointed to is not a fork at all, it’s some BLOBs dumped into a GitHub repository.
  3. I’d discourage anyone from downloading and executing such an arbitrary executable. You simply don’t know what it would do.

But I posted the source code and original site and source what I do wrong?