About saving presentation in Impress

Hi everyone,
I found a bug in LibreOffice 4.3.0 about saving a presentation.
Open Impress and Writer simultaneously. Then type some words in Writer and copy them into an Impress textbox. Then the presentation can’t be saved. A dialog about error saving document appears instead.
I am using LibreOffice in WinXP SP3, with administrator privilege.
I did some searching and found a similar bug, but I couldn’t find any solution.

Any ideas?

May I propose that you add your observations to the bug report you found. This will help people from QA and development to understand the entire matter better.

In fact there has already been some steps provided.
The original report:
Step to reproduce:
1.Open new Writer document.Enter text (anything is fine).
2.Copy text.
3.Open new Impress document.Place the cursor into title textbox and paste it.
4.Save the document.

Current behaviour:
got the error message “Write Error. The file could not be written”.
you cannot save the file.

Expected behavior:
The file should be saved without error message.

There is actually a workaround provided, that is, pasting the text without format. However, it is not quite preferred and each time when I forget to paste the text without format and press Ctrl+V directly, the presentation cannot be saved even if I delete the text I pasted. Then when I realize the problem it has already been too late as none of my work could be saved.

Any solutions?