About setters & getters. Which style is preferable?

For example:

Sub RefreshDataPilot()
	Dim oSheet As Object, oTables As Object, oTable As Object

	oSheet = ThisComponent.CurrentController.ActiveSheet
	oTables = oSheet.DataPilotTables

	'Dim sTableName$
	'sTableName = oTables.ElementNames(0)  'DataPilot1
	'oTable = oTables.getByName(sTableName)
	'oTable = oTables.getByIndex(0)  'only one table on this sheet
	oTable = oTables(0)  'oTables("DataPilot1")
End Sub

oTables.getByIndex(0) is oTables(0)
oTables.getByName(“DataPilot1”) is oTables(“DataPilot1”)

getByName and getByIndex work as documented. To the best of my knowledge, oObjects(0) is not documented and it is not guaranteed to work with every object supporting XIndexAccess. It also depends on the language bridge. I would not expect that Python oObjects[0] translates to StarBasic oObjects(0) and vice versa.
However, pseudo-objects always work with Python and StarBasic in the same ways:
x = obj.getFoo() is equivalent of x = obj.Foo
obj.setFoo(x) is equivalent of obj.Foo = x

@Villeroy thanks for the answer. Yes, I agree. Probably, using getters & setters makes it easier to transfer code to other language platforms. For those coming from VBA, using pseudo-properties will be natural, since such code is shorter and clearer.
And without parentheses symbolizing the method:
oTables = oSheet.DataPilotTables
instead of
oTables = oSheet.getDataPilotTables()

If the expression is to the right of the assignment operator, then a getter is called, and if to the left of the assigned value, then a setter is called.