About using alt key to access tabs and shortcuts

Hello, everyone. I am new to Libreoffice. I recently installed libreoffice 7.1 in Linux Mint on a computer. I found that LibreOffice doesn’t have the alt key funtion like Office or WPS. Is it possible to press the alt + a letter to access the tabs, and press the letter associated with each controls or tools inside the tab? It is very useful for working with writing documents. On Libreoffice in windows 10, I can press alt+a letter to access the menu and submenu, but not the tabs or the controls under the tab. But in Linux, pessing alt key doesn’t activate any letter associated with the menu or tab. Is there a solution for that?


Found the solution. In the “standard toolbar” user interface, by pressing the alt key for a second, the shortcut letter appears with an underline. Or just press the alt key+the shortcut letter by remembering the shortcut letter. But in other interface such as the tab, this function doesn’t appear.

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I can also use alt shortcuts when [view]-[Menubar] is activated.
But It is not what I want.
I want to use like MS office365.
I have pain in my wrist and I need that.

LibreOffice is not MS Office; so you must expect differences.

Use the help page of LibreOffice:

On the left side you can enter e.g. “Short”.

There is a lot of information about your not very specific request.

I think the question is about using Alt+[key] to open dropdown menus; e.g. Alt+F will open the File dropdown. Many of the options in the dropdown menu will have a character underlined when the dropdown menu is accessed this way, and [key] should then access the particular feature. For example, in the File menu, Open has the O underlined and should be accessible via O.

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Yes, I can find this alt+[key] function in libreoffice based on windows os. I am just wondering why it’s not in the linux version of libreoffice.

My environment is Slackware Linux and KDE, with LO Alt key works as for Windows for me, so it may be something related to Mint or the desktop environment you use - which you didn’t mention.