About Vertical Lookup (vlookup) running slow on CALC

Vlookup function works very slowly on files with 100k or more lines. While ms-excel searches with verticallookup, it runs 4 processors. Therefore its more faster than Calc. I think there is an urgent need for improvement in this regard.

why tells this blog:

This work is available in LibreOffice 7.4,

as far I recall the binary search on sorted VLOOKUPs exist since Star-Office ?

Indeed. But if you read the blog, it talks about speeding up unsorted lookups, using pre-sorted data internally.

ah yes I got it, it sorts first virtually, and does binary Search on the virtual array…

I am using LibreOffice I read thats article. I will try vlookup with 7.4 version. Thanks for information.

I will try with 7.4 version. Thanks for answers.

This office suite comes with a database component able to do millions of lookups in a second (depending on the actual type of database and proper indexing).