Above-paragraph spacing not applied at the top of the page?

I have set the above-paragraph space to 2 cm for Heading 1:

For some reason, however, this setting is only active when the heading appears mid-page:

The problem: When the heading appears at the top of the page, no spacing is applied and it’s stuck to the very top border:

What is the reason for this? Is there a way to fix or workaround this? I would like the above-paragraph setting to be applicable in a consistent manner and globally.

That’s the difference between space above a paragraph to separate it from preceding text, to announce that something new is coming, like in headings, and space above a chapter title after a forced page break. Most people apparently feel that there’s no need to have space above a level 2 heading at the top of a page. As soon as you enter a page break just above the heading, you will see the space appear. If I remember correctly, MS Word once had an option to suppress that space above a paragraph at the top of a page. In the end developers decided that no space at the top of a page is the desired behavior.

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But I do not want to (manually) introduce a page break before the heading. I just want to be able to make the heading to be automatically preceded by a consistent space regardless of where it appears. Is there a way to do that?

As far as I know, there isn’t.