Absolute reference

Does Calc have an F key short cut to change a cell reference to absolute?

Shift+F4 will cycle through the 4 combinations for any cell reference in the cell.

Turning a completely relative reference into a completely absolute reference: 1 time Shift+F4

Reverse: 3 times Shift+F4

Thank you.

This more than 5 years old answer was outdated.

Should you be used to F4 without the shift, you can change the shortcut in:
Tools > Customize > keyboard

Cannot confirm this. Default for F4 is ‘Toggle View Data Sources’. This setting was surely not changed by me.

Shift+F4 for ‘Relative Reference’ —> ‘Absolute Reference’ ist taken from the offline help.

@Lupp - F4 without shift is only my own customization of the keyboard shortcut. LibO(s default is shift+F4