Access Google Drive in LibreOffice from Linux container in Chrome OS

I am able to successfully install LibreOffice 6.2 into a Linux container in Chrome OS 73 on my Samsung Chromebook Plus and my Acer Chromebook R11. The installation creates LO icons that can be activated within the native Chrome OS environment. When opening one of the LO apps (e.g. Writer), I am unable to access documents that are in my Google Drive. Actually, I cannot even access documents outside of the Linux container. If I want to edit a file in LO, I have to copy the file into a folder that resides in the Linux container using the Chrome OS file manager. Is this a limitation in LO or a limitation in Chrome OS?

I have the same problem and have not been able to figure out how to access files outside the Linux container.

I found these instructions on the internet:


-Open Expert Configuration, search for “lock”
and set the following it to false.


This helped me to access the folders, especially by going to the files and right clicking and choosing the LibreOffice app from the menu. The doc would open but unfortunately there were errors when trying to save it.

I found similar problems using the text editor Pluma which in not related to LibreOffice. Linux on Chromebook is beta and there are bugs. I think there might also be problems in LibreOffice. Hopefully all of the parties will get this straightened out. Until then there is no option but to copy all docs you want to work on into the Linux section and then copy them out to where you want to save them.

Also be aware that you have to give permissions for Linux to access external drives and folders outside of the Linux area. You do that in settings.