Accidentally change 'find text' string by scrolling

Is it just me that finds the ‘find text’ deeply irritating at times? I will often search through a document for a search string, and when I get to each one slightly scroll up or down the page to see above/below it (as required). However, for some reason scrolling on the ‘find text’ box itself changes to a previous search string. Then, when I go to the ‘next’ instance of my search string it is actually a different (older) search string, and I have to change the string back and go back to the last instance I was looking at. In the process of this I quite often accidentally once again change the search string to the wrong one…

I can’t believe anyone would actually want to use this feature i.e. scroll through search strings. The scroll is very fast, so it’s easier to click the drop-down anyway if you actually want an older search string.

I assume there is no way to turn this off?
Using LibreOffice on Kubuntu 20.04.

The scroll feature is very handy when heavily editing a document.

You can’t turn it off because it is inherent to the widgets used for the UI, not in LO itself. This feature is available in all applications offering drop-down menus.

It is eventually possible that the various widget collections (GTK+, Qt, others …) allow to turn this off, but this can only be done in some configuration file through XML or CSS which are common control languages.

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