Accidentally deleted spaces in all B columns

I highlighted column B and then used CTRL+H to replace " " with “” to delete all spaces in the B column of sheet 55 of my spreadsheet. I accidentally did not tick current selection only and it removed the spaces from all instances of column B in sheets 1-54. I have continued working so its now impossible to go back and undo without losing all the work (I use it for stock taking).

I now (ideally) need to replace the spaces in the damaged B columns. Most (though probably not all) now appear in the format…“Makaton-WhenTheDeadRiseFromTheSea”. So there are upper case letters or hyphens after where the spaces used to be. I know how to fix the hyphens (replace “-” with " - "). Is there anyway to correct using the fact that the program can read upper case letters?


Use case-sensitive search (Match case), and regular expressions. Replace “([A-Z])” with " $1", then replace "^ " with empty string “” (to remove leading spaces).

Thank you so much. Super helpful.

Is there a way to prevent it applying to complete upper case words. Like DJ or IOU or whatever. I don’t really need those separating if possible.

Then use “([A-Z][^A-Z])” search string instead