Accounting format in calc

good afternoon.

I’m having problems with the accounting format I use in ms excel.

The issue of alignment and the numbers stay with “(” before and after already decided. However the issue is pending the cells that have the number “0”.
In MS Excel they are visually with the standard “-” marked, but in libreoffice such cells are visually with the pattern “# # #”.

I’m waiting for a possible solution.

I thank you.

Anderson Melo

I experience the same thing, that accounting format from excel shows as “###” in LO. Change the column width sometime work.

Try this number format for alternative for “accounting”.

(I use ‘comma’ for decimal and ‘dot’ for thousand separator):

with 2 digits decimal:


without decimal:


Answer to a prayer!

I too have experienced the “###” being displayed for zero values when migrating a document from Excel to Calc when using Excel’s “Accounting” format. The strange thing is that seemingly the same format code applied to different cells can result in different output (one with “-”, the other with “###”) and changing the width of the cell does not appear to help! Bizarre. Anyway, this can be fixed…

The “Format code” consists of up to 3 sections, separated by the semi-colon (;). The 3rd section indicates what is shown when the value is zero. (The first two are the positive and negative variants respectively.)

So, to display a hyphen (-) when the value is zero, you could use a format code like this:


The above format code includes 2 decimal places, 1 leading zero and thousands separators. Negative values are [RED] and surrounded by parentheses. And finally a single hyphen is shown when the value is zero.

You could pad the hyphen with a couple of spaces on the right to make it more Excel like.

This was it! I was looking for the hyphen/minus symbol instead of a zero. Thank you so much. :slight_smile:

I think works fine with a format like " € ###.##0,00 ", and in Alignment - Text alignment - Horizontal, Distributed.

image description

But I do not know if it is compatible with excel.

alignment has decided … I need to know is how do the number zero appears as “-”, as it is in MS Excel format book

Does anyone know?

God bless you all.

I would just play around a bit with the format indicated by @mariosv and @Paijo and see how “0” appear.

In Number Format Accounting imported from MS Excel file, remove the asterisk for zero value shall solve the problem.