Acrobat XI pro install?

I am planing to install LibreOffice as buying MS Office is cost prohibited. So if I was to install the full Adobe Acrobate XI Pro and updates will this give me a plugin option in LibreOffice as what would show up in MS Office suite options?

So you only have 10 but not 11? I like to know from those whom have 11(XI) to know for sure since I use 11 with MS office 2016.

What I am asking is Acrobat addon function to Office 2016 as this screenshot shows.
Acrobat Plugin.jpg

That is a question to ask Acrobat XI Pro developers: if they provide some plugin for LibreOffice (which should be a different software, since plugins for LibreOffice and for MS Office are not compatible).

I have Acrobat Pro 10 and that doesn’t integrate and never has with LO nor OOo. At the time, the pdf creation was done by macros in MSOffice. Obviously, I can print to pdf using it but the result is underwhelming.

I really don’t care about integration of Distiller because the granularity of the settings for export to PDF in LO exceed that of my version of Acrobat Pro.

In LO, if I use File | Export As | Export as PDF... I get to choose picture compression type, amount of compression by percentage, picture dpi, I get all bookmarks, footnote links, TOC, and hyperlinks exported as live clickable links.

I recommend trying out LO and its PDF export options, even the portable version, to see if they meet your expectations. Cheers, Al