add a trailing comma in merge field

Hi can anyone tell me how to add a trailing comma in a writer merge field? in Word which I am trying to migrate across from its a simple matter of editing the merge field but I can not see how to do it in LO.

Be more specific in your description and give an example. A field content is determined by source data and can’t be tweaked with. All “additions” must be done with fixed text outside the "filed. So an example of what you want to do is welcome to understand your goal and give adequate advice.

Thanks for the reply, I want to be able to insert an address from a spreadsheet and rather than add a comma after each field in the actual document thus leaving spare commas if the field is empty it would be better if it automatically added a comma to fields.

In MS word this is achieved by right clicking then going to edit field and in the options there is a field for adding characters after (or before) an entry.

An example of what I am trying to achieve would be: Peter Pan, 1 never never land, somewhere, 0011 2PP

I hope that makes more sense now

By using “Add Answer”, you flagged the question as “answered”. This may discourage contributors from looking at the question and giving valuable suggestions.

So, edit your question to add the extra information at the bottom after some heading like “EDIT” so that we clear see what was added.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t help a lot. Attach to your edit (with the paperclip tool which is not available in a comment) the Writer file used for the merge.