Add an R Markdown file to LO?

Adding programming functionality to LO has enormous potential to
create documents with AI interactivity. Does LO support R Markdown


Yes, R is primarily a statistics package, though it could be much more than that
if it were to be incorporated into LO documents. With R Markdown embedded,
documents could spring to artificial life. Artificial tutors could help people
easily navigate through complex features of programs such as LO and provide
the information that was suited to their particular ability level. Documents
would no longer need to be confined to the 2D of pages, but leap off of it into
4D, and greatly reduce the barriers to knowledge acquisition.

I, too, would like to see this. You are referring of course to the R Project statistics package.

Thank you for commenting ve3oat.
Adding R functionality to LO would be very powerful.
Roughly, creating a programmatic communication environment.

This would be Books 3.0: Creating an interactive
knowledge transfer technology. Very impressive.

Current transfer of information from papyrus to person
is highly inefficient. One must usually aim for average
comprehension levels which can be quite modest.
R enabled LO could create documents which
were universally at a level of proximal comprehension.

Schiavinatto, I complement you for your complement.

This is very exciting!
This would be an entirely new cognitive experience.

We could use R technology on this web site to help
people with their LO questions. R could be an artificial