Add arrow to only one line (impress 5.2.3)


I have several lines in my slide and I want to add an arrow to the end of only one of them. I right click on that line > Edit Style > End Style > Arrow. Then I click Ok and all the lines get that arrow! The same happens when I change the Style of the line to ‘Dashed’. Is there a way to just change the style of one line?

When you edit a style, you change all objects that have that style applied. That’s the essence of styles.

You need to create a new style, which has what you want, and then apply it to those objects that you choose.

But if you need arrows on ends of some lines, you need not to go to styles. You select the line, right-click it → Line → on Line tab you choose Start style or End style in Arrow Styles. Adjust size, and click OK, and you are done.