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I normally log into the ask.libreoffice site using my name and password. What is ask.LibreOffice asking for in this example when I arrive to log in? In bold letters, it asks me to:
Add at least one login method What am I supposed to do - and why?

LibreOffice does not require any login or whatsoever.

Are you talking about the ask.libreoffice site? If so, edit your question to better explain and retag to replace writer and calc with meta. Anyway, edit your question to improve it.

I’ve amended my question to note that it’s the “ask.libreoffice” site that’s asking for this action.

I have never experienced such a glitch. Which is your web browser? Are cookies enabled?

The “Add a login method” message suggests some, possibly multifactor enabled, login management tool. This may be a builtin system tool like Apple’s keychain, some third party app like LastPass, or a browser’s password store with master login enabled.

Do you have a password manager installed on your system, and enabled for the ask.libreoffice site?

.Please note: If you didn’t install a third party login manager app, this may also be a malicious attempt to harvest your logins. Proceed with due caution!.