Add decimal part

hello i have a range of column in a spreadsheet (from A1 to A30) filled with decimal numbers. Now i want to get the sum only of the decimal part. For example :

if i have this numbers :

  • 1.3
  • 1.5
  • 0.8
  • -1.3
  • -0.2
  • 0.4

then the sum of the decimals should be : 1.5

Any idea how i could do this ?

Also do the same with the integer part of them

I have tried =SUM(MOD(A1;1):MOD(A6;1)) but no result

Thanks in advance

Initial formulas:


Simplification of the first formula - borrowing clever usage of MOD by @libreofficeUser30872:


Just for a specific type of purists:
“Purist” in the sense of someone doubting e.g. whether MOD for non-positive second argument (divisor) has a reliable “interapplicational” specification.
BTW: Is there a use case to depict with a few words?