Add dropdown calendar

Can I add a dropdown calendar in LibreOffice Draw? I want to allow someone to pick the date. I have looked for hours and can’t find the answer.

Menu/View/Toolbars/Form controls
Click the last icon on the right ‘More controls’
Select ‘Date field’
Draw it.
Right-click on it.
General tab.
Go down and change ‘Dropdown’ to yes.
On the ‘Form’ toolbar next to the arrow disable ‘Design mode’ to use the control.

Edited 20170302

Hi, I’m having a hard time figuring out your directions. I find the “Date Field” button and when I click it a bunch of the other options become grayed out. However, I have tried right clicking on almost everything I can in libreoffice but there is no right click menu that has: General → Dropdown selection. Does clicking on the “Date Field” button “draw it” like you said?

Any further help is appreciated!

I have added the date field, I have configured it as explained below. In Libre Office writer I see the down arrow on the form editor, but when i export as FDF & view my form in adobe, the arrow isnt there & the calendar doesnt appear.