add field to existing form

I want to add a new field to an existing form in Base. I have added the new field into the table and that works fine. But when I click “Add Field” on the form and try to drag the new field into the form it crashes. I can create a new form if necessary, but would rather add to existing one if possible

Very grateful for any ideas.




I have no problem adding a field by dragging or double clicking something in the ‘Add Field’ dialog. Usually do this by simply adding a new control to the form and modifying its’ properties (right click on control & select Control Properties). I am using LibreOffice v7.1.2.2 from TDF (The Document Foundation) on Ubuntu 20.04.2 and tested with HSQLDB embedded database.

You have not provided your LO version, OS or database used. Please do so.

Can you please elaborate on your problem? Possibly a recording of the screen would help in this issue. We were having an issue with our tennis scoring, form which was fixed by a guy when we posted a video of errors.


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