add fields from another table

i have a db with three tables :
company, contact and visit.
company is linked to both contact and visit in a 1 to n setup.
having setup a form with company as the main fields and visit details in a subform, how an i add fields from the contact tables to the page?


Your relation does not seem correct. Would think ‘contact’ is linked to ‘company’ and ‘visit’ is linked to ‘contact’.

You can add forms and/or sub forms and so on (as many as needed).

  • Edit your form

  • On the Form Design toolbar there is an icon tor Form Navigation. Select.

  • Right click the for or sub-form name where you want an addition.

  • Select New->Form

  • Give it a name and then set its’ properties for the table it is to be associated with.

Now with your new form/sub form selected fields added will be applied there. You can use this navigator to move controls and forms from one place to another. If testing this, please back up your files first.


thanks for your reply. the structure is correct because one company can have many contacts as well as having many visits by engineers.

i did eventually find what i was looking for - more by luck than judgement - and found useful youtube videos to help. just wish the add field button was more of a basic icon somewhere on the main toolbars rather than being buried in the form navigator