Add Google OpenID as login method?

When I signed up to I just used my email account with a URL but it seems to be quite inconvenient so I’m trying to use Google as a login method.

I go to, click on the OpenID logo and add my{big-string-of-digits} URL, it yells: “If you are trying to sign in to another account, please sign out first. Otherwise, please report the incident to the site administrator.” What am I doing wrong? Could the process be a bit more clear?

Open ID is not fun. I wish I had an answer for you. It’s so much easier to have a username and password like other forums. The powers that be at LO assume people are always logged into social media accounts on their computers - not true for many of us! Also, Open ID for Google is going away on April 20, 2015. Let’s hope LO puts Open ID to rest.