Add Horizontal Rule to footer - how?

I just want to simply add a horizontal rule to the top of the footer that spans the width of the page. I thought I could easily do this in seconds (as you can in Word). I have been struggling for over 10 minutes. How do you do it in Libre Office?

It’s all about the learning curve isn’t it? (grin)

Actually, there are several ways to quickly do what you want. Let’s start with perhaps the least acceptable, and move to other, more acceptable options.

Option 1 (Least acceptable)

  1. Edit the Footer.
  2. Press the Enter key to create a new line, then arrow up to the first line.
  3. Select Insert > Horizontal Line.
This should result in a slight waste of Footer space as a result of the blank line before the horizontal line, but it gets the job done.

Option 2 (More Acceptable)

  1. Edit the Footer.
  2. Select Insert > Shape > Line > Line (yes, you select Line again from a submenu).
  3. Use your mouse to drag the cursor and draw a horizontal line. To keep the line level, hold the Shift key as you do.
This allows you to quickly draw the line with more flexibility as to placement versus Option 1.

Option 3 (Most Acceptable – I suspect)

  1. Edit the Footer.
  2. Select Edit > Style. The "Paragraph Style: Footer" window will open.
  3. Select the Borders tab and add a top border. (Since you are a MS-Word user, I suspect I don't have to elaborate on this step.)
This allows you a great deal of freedom to customize the Footer as you wish, and I suspect will be the option you prefer.

Enjoy! And from a MS-Office Power User who began working with LO a short time ago – WELCOME!

I hope you find your exploration at least as satisfying as I have so far. I am still working with MS-Office 2007 as well. I know comparing LO 5 to such an old edition of MS-Office may be unfair, but I find LO gives me much more granular control and provides many more options than Office 2007.

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Option 3. Do not change the Paragraph Style Footer, because you might need it for a second line. You can make a special style with font size 2pt and border, where you in addition change the indent before text and after text to a negative value, so that the line is wider than the text area. The footer setting in the page style has got a border too, but that border is restricted to the text area width.

@Regina, I see what you mean about Option 3 (all about the learning curve again (grin)).