Add labels to data in histogram (Calc)


I have a Calc sheet with data in columns. I have created an histogram with data in one column (say D) as horizontal axis and data in another column (say G) and vertical axis. Now, I would like to add labels to the histogram. How can I do that?
Let me explain with an example.

Column D contains x-values

Column G contains y-values

The histogram shows y = f(x)

Next, I have labels for y in column - say - R. I would like to include column R in the histogram so that above each bar of the histogram the corresponding value in column R is shown.

Any idea?

Thank you in advance.

In fact I don’t understand your question. A histogram (column type of chart) doesn’t show a functional dependency but categories (which is labels in your terms) on the x-axis. Hence either your column D constitutes the x-axis or column R. Your question seems like: I’d like to have a second x-axis for visual mapping of column D categories to column R categories. Could you provide a sample file?

How do I upload a file in the forum? There is not “upload” button and I I cannot drag a file in the comment box.

You need to edit your question. To do so use edit link right below your question (right of Comments) and click the paper clip symbol to attach a file:
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