hi there,

Myself Hardik, I have worked mostly on windows excel . just started to work on linux

  1. I am not able to paste column width from one sheet to another.

  2. Most important and useful command, when i select and copy large numbers rows suppose 75 rows selected/copied from sheet “1” and we need to add those in another sheet “2” in existing table in between existing rows present in that table all together . I cannot do it.

in windows excel. I used to just select the rows press “ctrl c” from “sheet 1” . then go to “sheet 2” select the row where i need to add that copied data in between existing data. then I press “ctrl +” then copied data is added in between selected range.

please anyone suggest how can i do this in linux

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I am not able to paste column width from one sheet to another.

Only works if the whole column is copied.

ok. now it worked. but when the both files have same extension. “xlsx”.

Thanks a lot

dear @Ajlittoz. Many Thanks for your reply on both my questions.
but my both concern are different , coping column width matter is solved thanks to you again.

but this questions was to add rows and columns in database .
suppose I need to add 10 rows above 09/05/2021 date . we have 40 entries to copy from file 2 all together as mentioned below

File 1:
SN date amount
1 12/05/2021 100
2 11/05/2021 200
13 09/05/2021 300
14 08/05/2021 400

File 2:
3 10/05/21 300
4 10/05/21 400
5 10/05/21 500
6 10/05/21 600
7 10/05/21 700
8 10/05/21 800
9 10/05/21 900
10 10/05/21 1000
11 10/05/21 1100
12 10/05/21 1200

And 1 more question I have raised regarding (’) find and replace.
change to
Can you help