Add section to Database panel in Base

Context: In Base’s primary interface, there are four top-level sections which are listed in a panel titled Database: Tables, Queries, Forms, and Reports

Base panels

Question: Is it possible to add a new section among these items, with its own Tasks and instances, from either a macro or a plugin? If so, what section of what documentation describes how to accomplish this?

Alternatively, if there are any open-source plugins that are known to do so, which could be used as an example, what are they?

Nothing known. What are you trying to accomplish? Tasks & instances of what?

+1 for original idea … but i think it’s gonna take a lot of work to accomplish that.
The XDatabaseDocumentUI indicates that the objects in that area should be of type, i.e. TABLE, QUERY, FORM, or REPORT.
Why not put your functionality in a custom Toolbar?