Add some sort of visual mark to a list.

Hello, this is a basic question, I have a list of 100 rows, I want to add some sort of visual mark that represents “done” to this list.


Day 1: row 1 to 7 completed, “bookmark” moves to row 7.

Day 2 : row 7 to 30 completed, “bookmark” is removed from row 7 and moves to row 30.

Enter an “X” in adjacent cell, same row. Insert column if there is not a suitable one available.

No additional bookmark needed. The X’s provide the visual clue. You can use ctrl-down/-up to locate the end of (and gaps in) the X series in the column. If you have lots of gaps, an autofilter may also be useful.

If you really need a clearer visual clue, some kind of conditional fomat may be of use. You can also enter personal info in Tools - Options.... When Calc knows who you are, it will remember your last edit and bring you back to that spot. Post a comment with some detail if you need more than this.

Thank you, so far I had been changing the background colors of the rows and thought there might be some standardized/cleaner way of doing this, I’m mainly copying and pasting. Something like if columns A/B/C/D are copied change the row color to green would be extremely helpful.

Something like if columns A/B/C/D are copied …

What do you mean by this?

  • Content of said columns is taken a copy of, to be pasted elsewhere? (If so, where to?)
  • Columns receive identical content?
  • Something else?

It is fairly simple to add a conditional format to make e.g. the cell background green based on the presence of specific content (cf. my suggested X column) in given columns. Markup based on “history of operations” (e.g. that certain content was taken a copy from) is not so straightforward.