Add style to index of illustrations instead of contents

I have added a table selecting “illustration” type.
In the Edit Index option of the menu, in the Styles->Assignment I have Levels, Title, Level 1.

I created a new style, and would like to associate this style to the level.
So let’s say that I create the style “ill.fig”, and that now, within Style->Assignment, I have “Level 1 [ill.fig]”.

Now, my indexed figures show up in the Table of Contents, and not in the one of illustrations.
What did I do wrong?

Can’t reproduce; behaves as expected. Check you didn’t change Illustration paragraph style (used to tag illustration captions) to be included in TOC: see Outline & Numbering tab, Outline level should be set to Body text.

As a workaround, if you can’t find the cause, revert to standard style setting Illustration Index 1 and customise this style (unless you need it somewhere else you don’t want to change).


actually I have tried to update to Libreoffice 5.4 in ubuntu 16.10 and nothing changed. Somehow, the sentence captions mistake where to go

Is your last sentence truncated? Something seems to be missing.