Add Styles to Formatting (Styles) toolbar?

Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

How can I add more styles to the Formatting (Styles) toolbar? Currently (LO 6.4), I have the following built-in styles showing in the Formatting (Styles) toolbar: Default Paragraph, Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, Tet Body, Quotations, Preformatted

For example, I’d like to add Heading 4, or a new style I created. In MS Word, I’d add a style to the Style Gallery. Can this be done in LibreOffice? Thx

As you use the styles in your document some will show in the Formatting toolbar, but not all I suspect. I think you won’t get below Heading 5. Probably best to use the sidebar

The styles menu is the toolbar only contains initially a selection of commonly used paragraph styles.

As you use other styles in your document, these other styles are progressively added to the menu.

The problem is obviously to select “fresh” styles for the first time. The most comfortable way to do this is through the side style pane (F11 if not already there). This style side pane offers various display possibilities largely superseding the toolbar menu:

  • all (alphabetic order): equivalent to the menu, but including all defined styles
  • used styles: same as the menu
  • custom styles: only the styles you defined, does not show the built-ins
  • hierarchical: shows the inheritance relationships between the styles, IMHO the most useful mode when you work methodically with styles
  • hidden: those you hid to shorten the lists
  • and many other selective filters

The main difference between the menu and the side pane is the style application mode: single click on the menu item, double-click in the style pane.

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I’ve been using LO (and especially Writer) since v5.3, trying to migrate from MS Office but never quite satisfied. Those styles in the Formatting (Styles) toolbar have never changed through all this use, they’ve been static the whole time, even though I use some other styles regularly.

I’m well aware of the Styles side panel, and I use it extensively, but it’s a hassle to use and scroll through when I could have the styles I need and use most often in a toolbar right at hand.

Thanks for answering though. I gather the answer is no, there is no manual, explicit way to add styles to the toolbar.

If you have to scroll too often in the style side pane, you may not use the right display mode for your workflow. It may also happen that your style set is not carefully designed to fit tightly with your need. You should also consider configuring the “Next style” attribute to automate transitions when feasible.

I frequently write complex documents with my custom template and need not that frequently to scroll through the style side pane. But my style set is the result of many years of practice. There are two pitfalls with styles: not enough and too many.

You may have a point. I usually display all styles, in alpha order. I then find myself bouncing up and down, a very long list for Title, Text Body, List, Table Content, and my own custom styles. I’ll experiment with viewing fewer styles in the pane. One challenge is that my style needs differ by document type and purpose, but I’ll admit that this could use a bit more thought and organization. I’ll mark my question as answered with your initial response. Thx