Add support for LogicalDOC CMIS server

I am asking you to add support for LogicalDOC DMS like you already have for Alfresco.
LogicalDOC is an OpenSource DMS with a nice CMIS ATOMPUB implementation but when using the LibreOffice CMIS connector not all operations execture successfully.

Once installed, you can access to the CMIS server at http://localhost:8080/logicaldoc/service/cmis (username: admin, password: admin)

I can help you in setting up LogicalDOC and even install a LogicalDOC ready for you on a server accessible from the internet so you will not have o install LogicalDOC by your own.

I have tested the CMIS of LogicalDOC 7.0.1 open source version and I must say that with LibreOffice 4.2.6, using the setting CMIS server OpenDataSpace behaves quite well.
The problem is with the creation of a new document.
In this case the operation fails.

There is no choice for LogicalDoc under “Server Type”:
Tried using OpenDataSpace, but did not work, could not add the server.
Using LogicalDoc 7.2.1 and LibreOffice 4.3.7

Ok, perhaps in the next version 7.0.2 you will probably be able to create a new document, but as per my undersrtanding LibreOffice doesn’t lock the document once saved and so you will have to close it and manually checkout it again to continue editing.