Add the temporary formatting

What to add the temporary formatting to the Asks, Answers and Comments? It means time limited format for example with the duration for one week.
The reason is, it could be fine for personal comments or challenges.

Personal comments are fine because we are people and many times it is interesting and funny → “I saw it at morning but I hadn’t time to try it all.” Or “It is interesting solution, can you tell me what is your profession?”. But the disadvantage is, it’s a ballast when somebody searches the older Asks.

And challenge comments like → “Please upload the example; add the tag to Title etc.” are also unneeded when the user repaired the problem part.

So I think the temporary formatting could be good improvement when the Ask “is living” (during the solution).

Is it possible to add the icon with clocks to the form and formatted the temporary text for example with some gray colour like RGB(180,180,180)? And the system will not show this part if it will be older than 7 days (and delete it automatically from the Ask). I think the 7 days is just OK for time limit to see this messages.