Add Zotero and Mendeley type extentions to/as tabs in notebookbar

I like Notebookbar. The only problem is that my bibliography extensions are left out, making the interface once more cluttered and unwieldy.

Would it be too much to ask that such extensions reside within their own tab? Or perhaps can join an existing tab (References)?

Twould make my day!

A workaround , not a definitive solution, but that works:

In the menu View, Toolbars, click on the Zotero Toolbar

it will show on top of other bars, and in all ribbon states

Oh yes, but that is the problem. It is outside the notebookbar and very ugly.

Extending a UI with a plugin-specific functions is a task for the plugin author. So this is a valid enhancement request, which should go to respective plugins’ authors.

If it is is an optional feature plugin authors are unlikely to do that and users of those plugins are therefore unlikely to use the notebookbar (however much they would otherwise like to).
For this reason, I had the idea of a right click option on any legacy extention where one can choose ‘add to notebookbar’.

“Add to notebookbar” what? An extension may do zillion of things to add something to UI. Some modify menus (using different options); some add buttons, some - drop-downs… some add items to existing lists, or keyboard shortcuts. Or new autocorrection rules. How would a hypothetical “add to notebookbar” command might possibly know what to do for an arbitrary extension?

In my mind was the idea that there is a right click or other menu option for old extensions where one can simply choose an option ‘Add to menubar’, at which point one can choose to add it to an existing tab category or specify a new one.

In this way, every individual extension author does not need to rewrite their extension for the notebookbar.

(are they like to, considering it’s not even the default?)

I know it is not the answer you are searching for, but it might help someone to provide a solution.

Using GLADE, I managed to add button “Insert citation”, to existing Reference tab in Tabbed style… However, I could not add a separate TAB for Mendeley only. Here are the titles, commands, and icons used by Mendeley. It might help someone to create Notebookbar Mendeley Extension.

Insert Citation

Action: macro:///Mendeley.mendeleyMain.insertCitation

Image: %origin%/icons/insertCitation

Undo Edit

Action: macro:///Mendeley.mendeleyMain.undoEdit

Image: %origin%/icons/undoEdit

Merge Citations

Action: macro:///Mendeley.mendeleyMain.mergeCitations

Image: %origin%/icons/mergeCitations

Insert Bibliography

Action: macro:///Mendeley.mendeleyMain.insertBibliography

Image: %origin%/icons/insertBibliography


Action: macro:///Mendeley.mendeleyMain.refresh

Image: %origin%/icons/refresh

Choose Citation Style


Image: no

Export MS Word Compatible


Image: no