Adding a formula for calc to an IF

New and pretty basic user. I am writing a spreadsheet to calculate door manufacturing sizes and I am having trouble achieving something. I have a size (number) in cell B2, that number has to have 3 deducted from it, but if that number in B2 is greater than 600 it has to divided by 2 first - if B2 is under 600 it needs to be left as it is but still with 3 deducted. The result will be in D2 and is where I am entering the formula.

I have tried =IF(B2=">600","/2-3","") and several variations but without success. Can somebody help please. Thanks.

There is one problem in your description: What about B2 equals 600?


=IF(B2>600;(B2/2)-3;B2-3) implements conditions, if B2=600 should be 597
=IF(B2>=600;(B2/2)-3;B2-3) implements conditions, if B2=600 should be 297

(see also my comment to your question)

Hope that helps

Many thanks for the quick response, the first solution 600 should be 597 works perfectly. Thank you.

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