Adding a function for word definition

I have a Calc document where on the first column I have a different word at each row. I would like to add a second column with the definitions of the words from the first column. These words are in French. I was thinking about adding a function problematically calling some web service to get the definition.

Is this possible? Do you have another suggestion?

You surely used printed dictionaries now and then - whether monolingual or bilingual/multilingual.
I also did. As far as I am concerned I am gravely discouraged by the obvious complexity of the matter, to expect an online service to find the definition I would currently need.
This bilingual example based on the simple French everyday word “le mot” may illustrate also part of the monolingual problem I would expect. How would you manage to mould the results returned in the example -if accessible programmatically to you- into spreadsheet cells?