Adding a Hyphenated Word to the Dictionary


I have used Writer for several years, but am yet to work out how to add hyphenated words to the dictionary. My work involves referring to chemicals, which often have hyphenated names and other punctuation, such as “cis-1,2-dichlroethylene”. “cis” on its own is not a valid word, and neither is “1,2” but in the combination they form a valid word.

I have tried the following:


highlight the standard dictionary

Select Edit

type “cis-1,2-dichloroethylene” in the word entry box

Select New

Although the hyphenated word is in the dictionary, and appears in the list, it is still marked as incorectly spelt by the spell checker (the cis part is underlined as misspelt).

Is there a way to have hyphenated words accepted in the spell check?


Have you tried to use other hyphen types? Not so easy as to press a key, but…

Just type U+2011 and Alt+X.

Alt+X also reverse a character to its Unicode code.

Symbol Unicode Name

  • “‑” U+2011 non-breaking hyphen
  • “-” U+2010 hyphen
  • “-” U+002d hyphen or minus sign (keyboard default hyphen)