Adding a parameter to a query generates an SQL error

Base (x64) Firebird DB Windows 10

I have a View ‘V_ClientSelect’ which includes a column ‘Client_ID’. A simple query SELECT * FROM "V_ClientSelect" works. When I add a parameter to specify a value for ‘Client_ID’, I get an SQL Error which says the parameter placeholder is an unknown column. See images attached. Driving me nuts.
image description
image description

Run in direct SQL mode, the error says:
*SQLDA error
*Data type unknown
*at SQLVAR index 0


This is actually an older problem which usually comes up when using sub forms. There is a setting in an internal file which needs to be changed.

Please see this post for method to resolve → How to unzip ODB file and edit the content.xml file to fix Firebird bug?

Thanks Ratslinger - you helped me a lot around a year ago with this database, but I’ve tried with your FirebirdParameterFix.oxt extension, run the macro (it said ‘Fixed!’), but my parameter query still throws the same error. What mystifies me is that with a query extracting 36 columns from 7 tables, the parameter works OK. But when I simplify the whole thing by putting those columns and tables into a View, it fails. BTW, what I want to do is go on to add some LEFT JOINS to the query based on the View, which didn’t work in the larger query. Any other ideas?


Getting the picture in pieces doesn’t help. The information in the comment is much more informative than the question itself.

With the note that a parameter works in one area but not the other means the “Fix” was never the solution. Having the extraction being done through a View changes the entire analysis. Without that information it is not possible to know what is happening.

Do not know how to further help without getting a sample (of course no personal/confidential information) where the problem exists. Otherwise Do not know how to duplicate what you might actually have.

Thanks Ratslinger. I understand it’s difficult to help with just a few pieces of the puzzle. I think I’m going to backtrack and adopt a get-around. I wanted to use the View in a parameter query because I couldn’t get LEFT JOINs to work with the full query. Because of the SQL error, I still don’t know if the Left JOINS would work with the query based on the View. I need to use LEFT JOINS so my report would include data from the main tables whether or not a joined table was null. I already have a working report which doesn’t include the (two) tables which are possibly null, so I’ll just create two more reports for those tables. It would be helpful to the user however, if clicking a single button could run the three reports automatically, one after the other. I assume this can be done via a macro, so I’ll have a go, but if I can’t do it, I hope you don’t mind if I post another request for help. Thanks for trying anayway.