Adding bulk entries into autocorrect list

I have an ‘empty’ computer and want to import a large number of autocorrect entries into libreoffice. I’ve found part of the answer (in Export Autocorrect List) which explains how to add or replace the accor.dat file with a newer one.

The problem with this is that my existing autocorrect entries aren’t in libreoffice dat format (they’re in an alternative wordprocessor in plain text) I was hoping to find a text file to copy and paste my existing entries into.

Let me know if I’m missing something please.


An autocorrect .dat file is actually a zip archive with a certain structure. An autocorrect list is an XML file (DocumentList.xml) within the .dat archive and, obviously, has a certain structure too. Here is an example of an entry to replace 2/3 with :

<block-list:block block-list:abbreviated-name="2/3" block-list:name="⅔"/>

Thus, if your autocorrect file is structured in a way that can be converted to the above structure, then:

  1. Convert.
  2. Extract DocumentList.xml.
  3. Paste the entries into DocumentList.xml.
  4. Pack DocumentList.xml back into the .dat file (first, back up the latter).