Adding chapter names to Header; formatting

I’m having fatal problems trying to set up a page header in a modest document. I have my H3 heading style set to insert a page break using the Default page style. That works.

In the Header, I insert the Field, “chapter number and name”. The problem is it picks up the first chapter and does not advance with succeeding chapters.

In addition, I hit the Tab key and then insert the page number field. That puts a wide space between the two header fields, but it does not send the fields to the side margins, which is desired.

Chapter title in header: I had similar problems with styles higher than H1. To make sure, try H1 heading style instead of H3.

Position in header/footer: there is no way to automatically justify anything on the right margin. The closest you can do is define a tab stop (right justify option) on the right margin. For this, open the paragraph style settings for Header or Footer and go to the Tabs tab.

styles higher than H1

I would use the term lower as while the number is larger the level is lower.

there is no way to automatically justify anything on the right margin.

Refer answer here.

Thank you. H1 seems to work. Will file bug if not already there.

With right and left pages differentiated, right-justifying the Header Right style works on the right edge. Getting the chapter info onto the left margin doesn’t. With a tab between the two elements, it ends up about centered, which isn’t too bad, but still not right.

The Header Left style, however, when Left-justified actually ends up Center justified, with 1" on each side.

Owen - will study that link. Thanks.

A ha. When inserting the Chapter field, there is a control near the bottom for speccing the level. It is preset at 1. I changed it to 3 and now my H3 heading is picked up in the header, just as it should be. Awesome. Still need to attend to the formatting.

I seem to have acceptable formatting. I did it by manipulating the Paragraph style tabs, and sometimes using negative indents and double tab keys between the two elements. Not sure why all that is necessary, but it seems to be working. Still need to study that page.

@oweng: no, definitely, you can’t justify automatically on the right margin. You must manually calculate the distance where you set your tab stop. If you change your stationery (which is quite rare, but for printing across the Atlantic), you must move the tab stop to a new position. Built-in exception is TOC styles family.

I filed a request for enhancement (based on choosing a reference position for tab stops) but it was rejected as “not presently defined in ODF”.

@ajlittoz, agreed. My quotation / reference was made in conjunction to manually adjusting the header / footer width to a value greater than the text body. On re-reading I now see how unclear my response was. Under ODF v1.2 there is no definition for the page (and other page-related layout elements) and thus this aspect is a calculated (rendering) matter. Sorry for being unclear.