Adding custom page number format

I am trying to add padded alphanumeric page numbers to documents. Base 2, Base4, Base 16, and custom symbols such as runes.
I have seen a lot of references where people are asking for the feature then someone turns around and tells them they aren’t. For example, A 400 page document, I want the page numbers in hexadecimal, so page one would be 0001, while page sixteen would be 0010. I could do it if I could add a small running text block that would carry over to the same place in a header, but I do not understand how to accomplish this. I believe it would have to be something like an additional layer, similar to watermarking, but from a list.

I am also wanting the numbering to start on the first page, but have the ability to make it skip placing on a page if a graphic is in the way.
Thank you in advance.

And that’s natural on the Ask site, which essence is users answering other users’ “how can I”-like questions. Custom numbering schemes are simply not supported in LibreOffice as of yet. For feature requests, there’s a dedicated place.

Please don’t ask two (or more) different questions in one topic. That disrupts the function of this board as a searchable source of information.

It was not my intent to ask multiple questions.I was attempting to provide clarity into what I was attempting to do.

Thank you Mike. While that is not the answer I was looking for, it is an answer to the question. I have seen this type of request going back as far as 2008 and it hasn’t been added yet, I will continue searching for another solution… Again, Thank you.

With the absence of the desired feature set, I was able to come up with a work around. This is for anyone who may find this query and want to do what I did.
Create a text object, and have text to center
Set position and size to anchor to page
Set the width and height
Tick the box to protect for position
Set the horizontal position to From inside to outer page border
Set Vertical position from top by .5 to entire page.

This allows me to set the text object in the same spot on each page and I can manually fill in what I desired. A long drawn out method of doing it, but it works.

Thanks for everyone’s input.

Page lay-out details like headers and footers are controlled by page styles. They have the same function as sections in MS Word, but they’re totally different. For pages with a header and footer, you use one page style, for pages without them, you use another. The tricky parts about page styles are 1) the transit from one to another and 2) applying them in the first place. Try [Tutorial] Page styles and headers/footers (View topic) • Apache OpenOffice Community Forum for more.