Adding fonts to Libreoffice in Ubuntu 13.04

Was curious how I may add more fonts to Libreoffice using Ubuntu 13.04? Do you have any suggestions which packages are compatible with Libreoffice in the Software Center? When I download/install the chosen font package(s) do I need to create a new folder titled .fonts or is it already created?
npk kích ra hoa

Ubuntu 13.04?

really 13.04?

You don’t install fonts in LO, you install them in the OS using the utilities which come with the OS (usually in the configuration app or control centre, which ever it is named).

You didn’t mention your LO version. If you’re really under Ubunty 13.01 which is already 8-years old, in other words this Prehistory in computer world, older fonts, aka Type 1, should be supported by your LO version. Don’t expect contemporary TrueType or OpenType fonts to be usable. On the contrary, if your LO version is current, Type 1 support has been dropped and only TrueType/OpenType fonts can be used.

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