Adding Image field Split HSQLDB Database

After much frustration with crashing and errors it seems the issue was a slow laptop due to available processing resources. I used the Split_HSQLDB_2.3.2_Wizard and now things are stable and much quicker. An issue for me now is adding an image field to a table. The field type "image [LONGVARBINARY] is not available in the split DB table.

With the embedded DB forms, right clicking the form control linked to the image [LONGVARBINARY] datafield would open a dialog box for adding an image.

How can I now achieve this with the split DB table, what field type and form control should I use.




In a split HSQLDB, use a BLOB field type. You still use an image control on the form. Personally have found linked images to be much faster in loading.

If you intend to have a number of images in the DB, you may want to consider placing these in a related table even though it may be just one per record. It can save some loading time. Embedded images can cause headaches. Best if images are under 3mb.

Thanks Again! will try it out now, the table for images sounds interesting, have never thought of doing it that way! How would one store the images in the table?


It would just be a separate table related back to the master. Three fields: ID, Link to master & Blob field. On the form it would become a sub form.

Now a reason for doing this. When you open a form it actually loads the first x number of records. Depending on the records this can be say 40 to 70 records. Now imagine each of these contains a BLOB image. The load time increases dramatically. With the image in a related table, each image is only loaded when the master record is loaded thus saving load time & actually memory.

Got it, so helpful!



Just a note. You can also just link to an image instead of embedding in DB. This save DB space and loads images faster. See this post → How to insert a link to an odb database to display an image.

This of course makes it a bit more difficult to move since the images are tied to a specific location. But you can place images within folder make it a bit easier. It is all relative with images involved.