Adding image watermarks/background images to all pages all at once


I’m kinda new to using LibreOffice Draw (although, I have used Writer a lot).

I’m at the moment trying to figure out how to either add image watermarks or add an image to all of my pages all at once.

Is there a quick way to do this as oppose to adding an image one page at a time (that could take forever for me to do). It’s just that I like to import my screenplays from Trelby an I’d love to add personal watermarks to make things more professional and identifiable.

I honestly tried looking ways to do this but I was unable to find any way to do this myself or look for something helpful online.

Any help would be well appreciated.

Sorry if I’ve missed anything obvious

Thank you

Just modify the Area property of the applied Page Style. Choose the desired Image. Set the Pos.Size/Tiled/Streched property. (Import the custom images into the LO before.)

The background image will be appeared all of the pages that have same Page Style. You need do it with all of the applied page styles where you want background image.

Hi, thanks for the reply an information.

I have seen that page an everything but I can only make it work for one page at a time.

Can you specify how exactly I can do the page style for all images at once, i.e, what exactly I have to click on and where to go?

Thank you

Then please upload your sample document here. If your document is stored in foreign file format, or it was created in MS Word, then the Page style structure maybe got tangled up, because the obsolete MS formats can not handle the Page Styles. In this case you must reorganize the Page Styles in your document. We can examine it based on your sample file.

Yeah, it actually is a foreign file. I made a PDF document out of Trelby and replaced the .pdf at the end of the file to .odt .

So that could explain how it’s unable to handle the page styles.

What??? It is a wrong way…

Perhaps so yes, I’d admit, but I couldn’t find any other way to add in a image watermark within Trelby itself or within a pdf document.

I don’t suppose there is a proper way to convert a pdf file into, say, any LibreOffice accepted file?

There are free softwares for the PDF manipulation (not full edit).
One of them is the PDF ToolKit (PDFTK).

The LibreOffice can ope the PDF files in the Draw application.
The Draw files can contain one “Page Style” only. But some propeties will be changed on all of the pages (Size, Orientation, Margins) when you edit the Page properties, some other properties will be changed on the actual page only, like the background image…
Maybe you can do it by a macro for every page. Unfortunately the macro Recorder not work in the Draw application, therefore you MUST write your Draw macros based on the API functions. Andrew Pitonyak’s free macro books and the sample codes of the AOO/LO forums will help you.

I was just play about with a free software called Scribus and I found that to work with applying the Master Page quite well without issues.

So although I didn’t find a more convenient way with LibreOffice, I did manage to solve the issue myself. However, You advice earlier was more or less the same solution to my problem working within this Software.

So thank you very much for sharing your knowledge

In the LibreOffice Draw you can use the Master Page feature. You can change the background images in one step by usage it.

From the menu: View - Master / View - Normal
In the “View - Master” page yo will see one (empty) page only on the Page pane. The changed background images of the Master Page will be applied fon every pages when you switch back to the “View - Normal” state.
Master Page.
the Master Page