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I’m a new user of LO. Writer is better than that other word processing program by leagues!

I’m using the 24.3.0 build on Win 10 x64. The one thing I’m struggling to understand is why is there support for G-Drive, and OneDrive, but not Dropbox??

Is there a way to directly link my Dropbox account in the File Services UI? Using the DB url to connect/add it failed.

Here is a link to a very old LO bug on this:

Any guidance or assistance to figure this out is greatly appreciated! :pray:t3:


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There’s no Google Drive support. Even though it is listed there, it doesn’t work (tdf#101630). I have no idea how well OneDrive works - wouldn’t be surprised at all, if it doesn’t. There’s no one really experienced with all this, who works on integrations. Hands are badly needed.

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@mikekaganski thanks for the quick response. I appreciate all your updates. I’ve used a workaround, and just do a Save As to my DB folder. Still—I am astounded that this isn’t a bigger thing in the trenches. If you’re not using Word or Pages, you’d want cloud integrations, right?

I’ll keep plugging away and see if I can connect to the infra peeps.

Collabera Office performance on iOS 17.3.1? It works seamlessly. I’m puzzled at some complaints I’ve seen. I’ve tested it with a few docs in DB and all the editing func works properly. Highlighting shows up, And my comments display as entered.

Now to test this all out on Arch Linux … :sob::sob::sob:

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