Adding pages to a documents

How to I add pages. I’m writing a monograph and can’t get past page 18.

Please tell us what stops you from getting past page 18, because that’s not normal behavior of LibreOffice Writer. Can’t you enter text anymore? Do you get an error message?

Some things may have coincided

Older versions of LibreOffice/OpenOffice had a limit of 65534 characters for paragraph size. This may correspond to 18 pages of text.

A common workaround to avoid paragraph spacing is to use shift+enter for new line. With that, you insert a line break into existing paragraph, you don’t start a new paragraph.

Do you have an old version of the software and do you use the “newline trick”? Solve it by

  • upgrade your install
    … or …
  • replace all newlines in your text with paragraph breaks

(It is recommended that you do both)

To avoid spacing between paragraphs, you can adjust spacing settings for the Text body paragraph style, which most likely is in effect.

Replace newline

With regular expressions enabled, the Newline token \n represents simple newline in the search field, but will insert a paragraph break when used in the replace field. So you need this in the find/replace dialog:

Find: \n

Replace: \n

+ Other options - expand

Regular expressions - Tick

Click button Replace all

Modify paragraph style

  • Press function key F11
    The styles panel should appear as the right side panel.
  • Make sure that paragraph styles (leftmost icon) is selected in the tool row at the top of the panel.
  • Select Automatic in the bottom dropdown box.
  • Find Text body in the list. Right click and select to modify it.
  • Click the Indent and spacing tab
  • Set spacing above/below to zero.
  • OK

I would rather write “A common error mistake to avoid …” because line break and paragraph break are totally different concepts which can’t be exchanged for each other. The available documentation does not insist enough on the intrinsic (and semantic/logical) differences which, unfortunately has no equivalence in traditional typography.


I do not disagree. Just tried to avoid the notion of “shaming” from the e-word, which might put the asker off of reading a rather longish answer. As Voltaire (?) said, “sometimes the best is the enemy of the good…”

Mistaking newline for paragraph break IS a mistake, but a not so uncommon one.

You’re right, but I wanted to draw attention on this cause of many problems. And I made a huge etiquette mistake! I use word “error” which conveys a strong negative judgment (rightfully to be avoided in order not to bash newcomers) far beyond my intent. “Mistake” is a better word. It’s hard on wake up when English is not your native language ;-). I’ll fix my comment.

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