Adding pages with no numeration at the end of the document

Is there a way to add pages excluded from numeration at the end of the document? Numeration on my pages is in form: “page 1 out of X”. I can change the footer style no to show numeration on final pages however they are still counted and show up in X number. I could simply save those pages as a separate document however I am hoping there is a more elegant solution.

To remove pages numbering from some parts of your document:

  1. Open the “Page Style” tab in the “Style and Formatting” Toolbar.
  2. Add a new page style based on “Default Style”.
  3. Put your cursor in the last page which you want to be numbered.
  4. Go to Insert > Manual break, select “Page break” and choose your new page style.
  5. All pages following the page break will have a different footer without page numbering.

Edit: Misunderstood your question. You want to remove pages from the page count. What you are asking for is similar to this question which has a workaround as the accepted answer.

You missed the point. These pages will still be counted, I don’t want them to be counted, that’s the problem. I know how to change footer styles so they don’t include displayed page numbering.

You’re right but this should be a comment under my answer.

Thank you very much it worked great! Sorry about wrongly placed comment. It’s was a newb mistake.

Great. Please accept my answer.