Adding text "eats" existing text

I have no idea how to call it. I compare it with “eating” like the old Pac-Man game.
When trying to add extra text within an existing text in Writer, the letters from the next words are disappearing instead of the text being moved forwards. The problem is shortly solved when exiting and reopening the program. But, after a short time it happens again.

This is wha|o give you and example.

This has been happening ever since a long way back. But keeps happening after every update. I use LO in Linux. Currently, using the version

Is there any solution for this problem?

Overwrite mode

Linked both from Instructions for Using Writer, and General Instructions for LibreOffice.

Maybe you had hit the “Insert” (“Ins”) key accidentally, or your keyboard is failed, or you clicked on the related area of the status bar accidentally.

Toggle of the insert/overwrite mode is not a LibreOffice related problem. You need control your computer appropriately.

Most likely I will have to learn to type better. Never realized the insert/override switch. Still so much to learn. :slight_smile: Thanks